Mission and Vision

Our journey with God

In the past few years Jesus has been leading us on an exciting journey of faith together.

He’s calling us to go in the power of His Holy Spirit to share His love in a way that's relevant to those around us. This means taking His message outside the walls of our building. So we aim to be ‘intentionally missional’ in all that we do - in other words, every aspect of our life as a fellowship aims to fulfil Jesus’ Great Commission to go into the world and make disciples.

Our vision

Our vision as a fellowship is ‘To see the Kingdom of God come in power through the transformation of our community.’  First and foremost this happens by God’s people being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and then moving out to see Him transform others. The Early Church ‘turned the world upside down’, changing the culture around them. We long to see that happen here – our town flourishing, the broken healed, everyone welcomed, people turning to Jesus, an expectancy of God working amongst us.

Getting equipped

So at All Saints we believe the Lord also wants us ‘To equip God’s people at All Saints so that each person becomes an agent of transformation’ – by worship that transforms us as we spend time in the Presence of God – by small groups which build us up – by relevant teaching based God’s inspired Word to us in the Bible – and by experiencing the power and gifts of his Holy Spirit.

One Church

When you read the Bible it’s clear that there’s really only One Church - we are all parts of the One Body.  So we're linked to the Swanage Anglican Team Ministry and we're part of the Evangelical Alliance.  And we have a great Swanage Churches Together group - one of our key values is to work across denominations so that Jesus’ prayer ‘that all of them may be one’ may be true for us here in Swanage.

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