Welcome to All Saints today 21 April 201


…. to All Saints this morning – and a happy and glorious Easter Day to everyone especially all of our many visitors for this special time of the year.

We have four special services today to celebrate this special day.  Some of us were on the beach at 5.45 to see the sun come up at the Churches Together Sonrise Service.

Then at 8am we have Holy Communion with Easter Hymns.  Then at 10.30 we have Family Communion for Easter followed by an Easter Egg hunt – our speaker will be our vicar Andrew.  Then at Breakfast@9 Nigel Faiers will be speaking, again reflecting on the significance of Jesus Resurrection for us today – followed by another Easter Egg hunt!

Do join us for refreshments before and after the services.  If you would like prayer ministry, the team will be at the front at the end of the 10.30 service. 


What else is happening at All Saints this week?

Monday-Friday - we share Morning Prayer in the Quiet Room at 8.15

Tuesday – Town wide prayer at the Salvation Army 9.00-10.00

Wednesday – we have Holy Communion in the Quiet Room at 10.00. 

Thursday – the Prophetic Prayer Group meets in the Quiet Room at 8.45 and there’s Coffee Pot from 10.00 and Toddlers at 1.30 in the Hall.

Friday - we have Art Workshop @ All Saints from 10.00 to 12.00 in the Hall

Saturday – we have our Hour of Prayer 9.00-10.00 in the Quiet Room focusing on our missions

Next Sunday – it’s Holy Communion at 8.00, Breakfast@9 at 9.00 and Family Worship at 10.30.

Church Family News

21 April 2019

Some special listening for Easter week - Relive the momentous events of the first Easter in the radio recordings of David Nunn’s previous Good Friday plays!  With an electrifying cast, many from All Saints, you’ll find them on www.blueskiesvideo.co.uk - just select ‘Plays’.   ‘Whose Kingdom Rules?’  takes one to the very heart of the Passion while ‘Fit for a King!’ relives the momentous events of Easter Day!  And you can also have fun spotting some familiar voices among the cast!

Thank you everyone who helped with the Churches Together Passover Meal – last Wednesday – and especially to our dear friends Rob and Anna Richards who led our celebrations.

Do come along to our Mission Prayer meeting – it happens on the last Saturday of the month from 9.00-10.00 in the Quiet Room - a great opportunity to bring the missions we support before the Lord in prayer.

We need some help in two areas  – Brian and Sheila Pavitt would appreciate some more help in setting out the furniture for Breakfast@9 on Saturday evenings. 

And we need someone to paint the acoustic panels in the hall and the ceiling over the sound desk – not a massively skilled job so anyone who can wield a paintbrush can do it – and it will only take a few hours.  Please have a word with Brian if you are able to help.

The Swanage Parish fete – is on 20 July.  Please put the date in your diaries and do offer to help.  Our fete rep is Carole Puckridge and we especially need help with the plant stall, bric-a-brac, white elephant, chidren’s corner, setting up and dismantling.  Please inundate Carole with offers of help!

And this year we get to choose the charity for the fete.  If you have any ideas for local charities that we should nominate to receive half the fete proceeds do let me know.

Another reminder about the Church Weekend Away at Home –the plans for our Church Weekend Away at Home are really coming on.   It will be on 29/30 June and will be based at Rempstone Farm. Let’s make sure the weekend is in our diaries now and plan to be there.

And do put the Fun Day in the diary – it will be on June 8 and Tim will be needing lots of help – do please support this on the day but also by praying for the event beforehand.

Experience Another World – Without Leaving Yours – from 19-22 April Compassion is putting on a special exhibition in Bournemouth Town Square. ‘Experience other cultures, the realities of global poverty, and how you can change the life of a child living half a world away….The Compassion Experience is a unique journey into the lives of children living in poverty.’  It looks brilliant and well worth a trip.

Getting a perspective on the Transgender issue – on Monday 13 May the Salisbury Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship will be meeting at St John’s in Wimborne (9.45 for 10).  The speaker will be David Shaw from Oak Hill Theological College.  His subject is Exploring Transgender and the Christian Worldview.   I will be attending so if you would like a lift do let me know.

Livability are participating in an event to be held at the Barrington Centre in Ferndown on Thursday 23 May  (9am - 4pm)  with a number of helpful speakers and seminar sessions to help equip churches to be better prepared in their responses to mental health and wellbeing.  Book in at www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-church-and-mental-wellbeing-tickets-57180498410


Back page focus on - the cross at Notre Dame

On Monday evening I was at home when my wife told me the devastating news – “Notre Dame is on fire”. 

There must be tens of thousands of church buildings around the world named after the mother of Jesus but Ann didn’t need to say ‘Notre Dame in Paris’ – for the world there really is only one Notre Dame.

To quote the famous Cole Porter song, ‘I love Paris’ - the walks by the Seine, the open spaces, the art, the music and the architecture.  And Notre Dame stands in the centre of it all – literally.  Actually I always find the interior a bit too dark and gloomy to enjoy properly – if only they would switch on the lights!  But Notre Dame from the outside is breath-taking – perfectly situated in the heart of the city on the Île de la Cité with its soaring towers and spire and flying buttresses reaching up to heaven.

So the news on Monday night was shocking.  The whole nation – even an avowedly secular nation like France – truly was in shock.  What was especially shocking was an aerial view of the building which showed the outline of the building in the shape of a cross – and all four sections seemed to be on fire.  On Monday night it seemed that Notre Dame was finished – how could a medieval building survive devastation like that?

But Tuesday told a different story.  Accounts began to emerge the following day that the whole building including its famous towers and medieval stone structure were literally 15 minutes away from destruction.  But fire-fighters put their own lives at risk to go up the towers to control the fire.  And the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, Father Jean-Marc Fournier, and others risked their lives to rescue precious relics and treasures.  President Macron has promised that the Cathedral will be rebuilt in five years.  Resurrection for Notre Dame will happen.

But there was one photo which really struck me this week.  You can see it here.  Above the high altar was a cross and the morning after the fire, as the cathedral smouldered, a shaft of sunlight lit up the cross.   To quote another song, this time by Tim Hughes, ‘The Cross stands above it all’.  The Cross stood in the centre of suffering and destruction and a nation’s pain – but it was also lit up by a shaft of sunlight from the morning sun – a sign of a hope and a future.

Today is Easter Day.  Good Friday was the world’s Notre Dame moment.  The Saviour of the world was tortured to death on a cross.  But Easter Day told a different story.  What seemed like the end on Good Friday turned out to be the moment of victory – over Satan, sin and death.  The message of the fire at Notre Dame – and even more of Good Friday and Easter Day – is that Resurrection is a reality.  For those who put their trust in Jesus the future is truly transformed.  And it doesn't need to take five years.  As the Apostle Paul, we can know ‘the power of His resurrection’ today.

A very happy Easter from the whole All Saints church family.

Andrew Corke Vicar

Have a great week!