Welcome to All Saints today, 1 December 2019 

…. to All Saints this morning.  It’s the First Sunday in Advent when we really begin to think about getting ready for Christmas.

This morning we are continuing our series looking at Philippians. This morning David Williams will be looking at Philippians chapter 3 under the title Pressing on Towards the Goal.  The Apostle Paul was an amazing example of how the Christian life is marathon not a sprint.  Listen to David as he unpacks chapter 3 of this remarkable letter for us.

Then At Breakfast@9 we are starting the first of four “Advent Specials“ when we’ll be looking at the animated film “It’s a Boy“.

If you are here for the first time, do introduce yourself to those around you and to our vicar, Andrew.  And check out the All Saints info which is on the leaflet rack by the door you came in through.  Please do enjoy refreshments before and after the services.

If you would like prayer ministry, the team will be at the front of church at the end of the 10.30 service and would be very happy to pray with you. 

This afternoon at 4.00pm we have our Christingle service.  There is more info about Christingle on the Back Page Focus.  We’ll have the children of Swanage Primary with us and everyone is really welcome to come along, (with or without children!).  Our speaker will be Rob Foster, Children’s Ministry Leader from the Wave.

There's a lot happening this week

Monday-Friday - we share Morning Prayer in the Quiet Room at 8.15

Monday - at 7.00 for 7.30 we have Presence – an hour spent in the Presence of God

Tuesday – Town-wide prayer at the Salvation Army 9.00-10.00

Wednesday – we have Holy Communion in the Quiet Room at 10.00. 

Thursday – the Prophetic Group meets in the Quiet Room at 8.45 plus Coffee Pot from 10.00 and All Saints Toddlers from 1.30 in the Hall

Friday - Art&Craft@AllSaints meets in the Hall from 10.00-12.00

Saturday – we have our Hour of Prayer 9.00-10.00 in the Quiet Room

Next Sunday – it’s Holy Communion at 8.00, Breakfast@9 at 9.00, Family Worship at 10.30 and Encounter with a Christmas flavour at 6.00

  Church family news

1 December 2019

Christingle – is happening at 4.00pm on Sunday 1 December at 4.00.  Please use the flyers which you’ve been given this morning to invite people along.  You don’t need to be a child to come to Christingle!

And we need a bit of help with Christingle – we need about 6 people to serve coffee and tea (pre-prepared,  welcome people and hand out and light christingles.  Please have a word with me if you will be coming and can help.

The awesome All Saints Christmas Meal – will be happening on Sunday 8 December.  Places are limited so sign up at the Sign Up Corner TODAY

Gift Day – Thank you so much for all your gifts for the Gift Day.  I hope to have a final figure at this morning’s services.

Presence – the last Presence before Christmas will be on Monday 2 December at 7.00 for 7.30 in church.   Come along and enjoy an hour spent in the Presence of God.

Aubrey’s funeral – the funeral of Aubrey Powell will be at All Saints on Tuesday 3 December at 2.00pm.  Aubrey was a sincere believer in Jesus who went to be with the Lord at the grand old age of 97!  Please be praying for Sheila and support the family with your presence or your prayers

Praying for the Election – at 8.00pm on Wednesday 11 December (the day before Polling Day) there is a call to come together to pray for the nation and the election.  We’ll be meeting at the Mizpah House of Prayer which meets at the Guide HQ in Bell Street, Herston.   Let’s come together to pray for our leaders and our nation the day before Election Day.

Open Air Carols- at the Swanage Christmas Market will be happening next Saturday 7 December at 1.00pm.  This year the carols will be led by Katrina and Jonathan Greetham, our new Salvation Army officers.  Do come along – it takes a crowd to draw a crowd.

Canzonetta at Christmas – Canzonetta’s Concert this year is next Sunday 8 December at 3pm at Holy Rood Church in Wool with a mix of sacred, poignant and lively songs and carols reflecting the musical journey through advent and Christmas.  Admission is free with a retiring collection for the church - mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. 

Purbeck Arts Club Choir at Christmas – The Purbeck Arts Choir and Orchestra have an Advent-themed programme for the concert on 7 December at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Church, Swanage with a wonderful selection of music from Bach and Mozart.  The concert is in support of our local Swanage Coastwatch and tickets will be £12 on the door.

Reserve your Advance Ticket for only £10 by calling Liz Roberts on 07843 289483. Please also contact Liz in advance if you have any accessibility requirements for seating.

Listen again to the Hustings – If you missed the Election Hustings which took place on Tuesday night involving all the candidates, there will be an opportunity to hear it again because it is being broadcast in its entirety on our very own local radio station, Purbeck Coast FM. It is being broadcast over the weekend (time to be confirmed) on 101.2FM to Swanage and the surrounding area. You can also hear it by listening to the station on line at  purbeckcoast.com 

Don’t forget our All Saints Carol Service which will be at 7.00pm on Monday 16 December – please take an invitation and be praying about who to invite.

Boundaries – A day’s training in how to develop healthy boundaries to help your relationships thrive! – presented by Dr Kara Lawman at the Lighthouse on Saturday 30 November from 10-4.  More info at https://www.thelighthouse.org.uk/healthy-boundaries

The next Wave Prayer Breakfast – is on Thursday 5 December at 8.30am at All Saints Hall – do come along and pray for the work of the Wave.

The next Women’s Prayer Breakfast – is on Saturday 14 December at 9.00 - Come along a week Saturday and enjoy breakfast and fellowship with other women. This is an informal time for relationships to grow so please bring your friends along to share in prayer and learning. Life is better when lived together.

The last Art&Craft@AllSaints of the year – is on Friday 6 December – they will be resuming on January 3.   Following Lucy Vierbergen’s Back Page Focus on a Green Christmas, Art & Craft @ All Saints are creating recyclable Christmas wrap ( from brown paper, acrylic paints and stencils) and other Christmas crafts. The 2 hour session includes drinks and treats, teaching and materials, all for £8.50. Please visit our friendly group and prepare for a Green Christmas.

Finally can you help deliver our Christmas cards – the most effective way to communicate is by delivering personal invitations to the houses in our area.  Please do pick up a bundle of cards and deliver them in the next few days.  And do take additional copies of the card and the carol service flyer to invite people to our services over Christmas.

Back page focus on ... The Christingle and the Children’s Society


One of my favourite services of the year is our Christingle service.  We traditionally celebrate it with the children of Swanage Primary School and for us it is the start of Advent, the season when we begin to look towards the coming of Jesus at the first Christmas.

It seems like a crazy idea to give small children an orange stuck with potentially dangerous cocktail sticks and then put a lighted candle on top!  But children love the Christingle so I thought I would tell you where it came from.

The idea of Christingle came from a Moravian Church in Germany in 1747. The minister, John de Watteville, gave children at the service a lighted candle with a red ribbon around it. This represented Jesus being the light of the world and the final prayer of that first service was "Lord Jesus, kindle a flame in these children’s hearts, that theirs like Thine become". The custom went around the world with the church.

Over the years the symbolism of the Christingle grew into what's known as a Christingle today. Here's what the different parts of the Christingle represent:

  • The orange is round like the world.
  • The candle stands tall and straight and gives light in the dark like the love of God.
  • The red ribbon goes all around the 'world' and is a symbol of the blood Jesus shed when he died for us. (Sometimes in Moravian Churches a white ribbon is used, to represent the purity of Jesus.)
  • The four sticks point in all directions and symbolise North, South, East and West - they also represent the four seasons.

So often we hear Christmas described as a ‘time for children’.  But actually Christmas is for everyone because we all need to experience for ourselves the love of Jesus and the forgiveness he won for us by his sacrificial death on the Cross.   And grown-ups need to hear that just as much as children (in fact more so because they have lived longer and done more wrong things!

So what about the connection with the Children’s Society?  Well if we ever needed to be convinced that we live in a fallen world  then a glance at the Children’s Society website will put it all into perspective.   The Society is a vital lifeline to children who desperately need its support.  Right now in this country there are children who feel scared, unloved and like they simply don’t matter.  They’re not seen, they’re not understood, and they aren’t getting the help they need. 

In fact, a million children and young people in England are living with seven or more serious problems in their lives. Without the right help, this can be overwhelming and a lonely place to be.  But the Lord wants us to bring  about change – because no child should feel alone.  With the gifts we give at Christingle, the Society has safe supported more than 11,000 children and young people last year.

So let’s be as generous as we can this Advent.

Revd Andrew Corke - Vicar


Have a great week


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