Our Vision and Values

Our five key aims are that everything we do as All Saints should make us

Larger – we want to reach more and more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ

Younger – we actively seek to include young people in all we do – so much of our worship has a contemporary feel

Deeper – we want to experience an ever deeper relationship with God – so we dig deep into God’s inspired message to us in the Bible.  And we actively seek the empowering, gifts and guidance of God’s Holy Spirit in every aspect of our church life

Stronger – above all Church is about relationship so we want our relationships together to become stronger as we experience more of God’s love together

Wider – Jesus told us to take his love into the world.  So we need to communicate Jesus in practical ways outside our church to Swanage and the wider world.

And we aim to do all this by living out our four key values

Loving, Learning, Serving - Together.