Welcome to All Saints today, 13 October 2019 

…. to All Saints this morning.  It’s great to have you with us especially if you are visiting us for the first time.

Today at 8.00 and 10.30 we are continuing our series on the Environment, ‘Caring for God’s Earth’.   This morning Peter McCarthy who is our Licensed Lay Minister in training will be speaking about, ‘Living Sustainably’ and Lucy Vierbergen (who is the All Saints Eco-Champion) will be sharing some practical tips on how we can make a difference in caring for our Environment.

Then at Breakfast@9 we’ll be starting a new series featuring the ‘I AM’ sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John.  Graham Holliday will be starting off this series this week with ‘I AM the Bread of Life’.

This evening it’s Encounter – an hour’s contemporary worship in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  Spending an hour in the Presence of God and worshipping him is just about the best thing anyone can do on a Sunday evening.  Encounter kicks off at 6.00pm followed by a free meal – do come and bring friends.

If you are here for the first time, do introduce yourself to those around you and to our vicar, Andrew.  And check out the All Saints info which is on the leaflet rack by the door you came in through.  There are refreshments before and after the services - and you can still take the opportunity to buy one of our stylish All Saints reusable eco-cups – they only cost £5 (the cost price) and can be used again and again – a great contribution to Saving the Planet!   If you would like prayer ministry, the team will be at the front of church at the end of the 10.30 service and would be very happy to pray with you. 

There's a lot happening this week

Monday-Friday - we share Morning Prayer in the Quiet Room at 8.15

Tuesday – Town-wide prayer at the Salvation Army 9.00-10.00

Wednesday – we have Holy Communion in the Quiet Room at 10.00. 

Thursday – the Prophetic Group meets in the Quiet Room at 8.45 plus Coffee Pot from 10.00 and All Saints Toddlers from 1.30 in the Hall

Friday - Art&Craft@AllSaints meets in the Hall from 10.00-12.00

Saturday – we have our Hour of Prayer 9.00-10.00 in the Quiet Room

Next Sunday – it’s Holy Communion at 8.00, Breakfast@9 at 9.00 and Family Worship at 10.30.

  Church family news

13 October 2019

We pray for Alpha – on Tuesdays at 11.00 at Emmanuel and it would be great for as many as possible to come to pray for an hour for the 16 people on this Autumn’s course.

Get Ready For the Scripture Union 95 Tourdid you know that 95% of children have no contact with Church at all?  Scripture Union is aiming to address this with the 95 Tour – to help us reach out to the 95% of children and young people who currently don't have contact with Church.   Scripture Union will be sharing resources, ideas and stories of things that they have tried that could work for us in our context.   If you care about reaching our children please do come along to the 95 Tour at Swanage Methodist Church on Tuesday 15 October at 7.00 for 7.30.

On 20 October we welcome Kevin Crook of MAF to All Saints  – Mission Aviation Fellowship is one of the missions we support as a fellowship and it will be exciting to hear what MAF is doing worldwide to spread the Gospel.

Can you help with Coffee Pot on 7 and 14 November?  – Andrew and Anja Fleming are taking a well-earned holiday and they need some people to help out with Coffee Pot while they are away.  It is not at all difficult and a great way to bless our older neighbours.  If you can help please contact Andrew and Anja on 4224790 – thank you.

Lift to the Art Workshop session on Fridays  – there is a lady, recently moved to Langton, who would like to join the Friday morning group but has no transport.  Could 2 or 3 people to form a team to bring her in and return her each week (term times only)?  It would mean collecting her about 9.40am and returning her at 12.00.  Please contact Alan Dominy if you can help on 07748 672069 – thank you.

The All Saints Committee is looking for a secretary  – if you would be able to come to Committee meetings and take short and simple minutes, do have a word with me.  At the moment Claire our churchwarden is taking the minutes – it would be great to relieve her of this.

And on 27 October we’ll be celebrating Harvest  – and taking up an offering for Tearfund.  More info next week.

Bible Society Coffee Morning – Swanage Bible Society group invites you and your friends to a coffee morning at the Hall - 10.30 to 12.00 Noon on Saturday 26 October. There will be Traidcraft, Bric a Brac and cake stalls.  Donations to the ministry of Bible Society in Africa.  Any contributions of cakes and bric a brac will be gratefully received by Paul Bexon, our All Saints Bible Society rep.

All Things Bright & Beautiful - Do remember the special service every Tuesday afternoon for those with memory loss, their carers and friends - in fact for anyone who would like to come.  The service is at 2.30pm in St Mary’s followed by refreshments.

Purbeck Film Festival – a date for your diary – the film at St Mary’s this year continues the climate change theme with a showing of Before the Flood. This film follows Leonardo di Caprio as he journeys through areas most affected by climate change and the human activities that caused it. The film is on Monday 21 October at 7.30pm in St Mary’s.

 “Grapevine” – the Salisbury Diocese’s weekly newsletter. To subscribe, look on the Salisbury Diocese website www.salisbury.anglican.org and search for Grapevine”. 

Advance notice about next month’s DEF meeting – November’s Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship meeting takes place on Monday 4 November at St Francis Church Salisbury starting at 9.30 for 10.00.  The speaker is Johnny Juckes, a lecturer from Oak Hill Theological College and he is tackling a vital subject – Heaven and Hell.   The person who spoke more about Heaven and Hell in the Bible than anyone else was Jesus himself.  But how can we share these biblical truths in a society which is unconvinced of the reality of sin, truth and the Final Judgment.  Johnny will have some fascinating insights to share.  I will be going so if you would like to have a lift do let me know.

Canzonetta warmly invite you to an hour of song for an Autumn afternoon at St Mark’s Herston nextSunday 20 October at 3 pm.  Free admission, a wonderful tea and retiring collection for St Mark’s Church.

A service in which to remember - 6.30 pm, Sunday 27 October - here is a general invitation every year to all who have lost loved ones to attend a service at St Mary’s and light candles and pray together.  Now because of data protection, we have less information about the circle of bereaved families than previously, and rely on word of mouth to ensure that everyone knows that the service is happening and that it is for them.  So do pass on the word.  A list for those who wish to have names of loved ones read out during the service is at the Sign-Up Corner.                                       

Thanksgiving service for John Ringrose – John’s thanksgiving service will take place tomorrow at 2.30 at Emmanuel Baptist Church.  Do please pray for Lynda and the family as they say goodbye to John and celebrate his life.

Back page focus on ... Calculating our carbon footprint


During the Autumn as part of our series, ‘Caring for God’s Earth’, we are featuring some ideas on the Back Page Focus which will help us all be better stewards of the Planet.

We hear a lot about our Carbon Footprint but not many of us have much of an idea about how to calculate it.  Just how do we know how much of our lifestyle contributes to Global Warming?  A few weeks ago I made contact with Tearfund about this - I was shortly going to take some flights and wanted an effective way of offsetting the carbon.  Tearfund put me in contact with Climate Stewards and it has been a revelation finding out about them.

Climate Stewards is a Christian charity endorsed by A Rocha and Tearfund and a host of other organisations and churches.  And they do far more than carbon offset flights – they are dedicated to helping you calculate your individual carbon footprint and offset it.   They cover air travel, cars and buses, heating and eating.  So you go on to www.climatestewards.org/offset/ and then click on the appropriate logo.  Last week in church I talked about how to offset the carbon generated by a single flight.  But if you drive a car, or heat a house, or eat meat, fish or are vegetarian, or even walk everywhere, you can use the website to calculate the annual Carbon Footprint of your own lifestyle.   How many tonnes of CO2 are generated by the amount of gas or electricity I use, or the fact that I choose to eat meat 3 times a week, or I use the no 50 bus to Poole twice a month?  All of this generates carbon and we can calculate it.

What’s the point?  Well first if I know how much my personal lifestyle affects the environment I have the information to know how to change it.  So knowledge is very powerful.  But in addition to giving a personal readout of your Carbon Footprint, Climate Stewards provides the opportunity to make a gift to Climate Stewards to plough into projects to offset the carbon we are responsible for.  So the gifts to Climate Stewards are ploughed directly back into project which leads to an absolute reduction in carbon in the environment.   For example they support

A Rocha Uganda to provide Biosand Water Filters to families in Kiteezi, a poor community in a northern suburb of Kampala. The families participate in a two-day training course where they are taught how to build their own filter and how to use and maintain it.  Instead of using fossil fuels to boil water, the filters provide a safe supply of water for the families. 

And this directly reduces the amount of carbon in the environment.

Do have a look at the Climate Stewards website.  And as part of this season focussing on ‘Caring for God’s Earth’, it would be great if we could all take a personal inventory of our own Carbon Footprint and do what we can to reduce it and offset the carbon that we are responsible for.  I don’t believe that God is going to let this earth be destroyed – he spent too much care creating it to allow that to happen.  But he does want us to care for it – Climate Stewards can help us do that even better.

Andrew Corke - Vicar

Have a great week


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