Mission Action Team

We believe strongly in encouraging and supporting mission at All Saints, both short term mission trips from our own church members and long term prayer and financial support of missions.  Once a month we focus on mission at our ‘Mission of the Month’ prayer slot in our 10.30 service.  And our Mission Action Team meets regularly to encourage and promote mission support.

Mission Giving

At All Saints, we believe we should honour the Lord by following the biblical practice of giving away 10% of all the offerings we receive.  So 10% of all gifts given to All Saints are given to mission.

Specific Missions

We are a small part of the worldwide family of God and have much to share, in giving and receiving, with other parts of the family.  We like to do this by links with mission organisations locally, nationally and internationally. 

Click on the logos for a link to each mission’s website.

Local Mission

Purbeck Besom is part of a national group which acts as a bridge between those with goods to share and those who need them. Locally, they mainly pass on furniture and white goods but also do gardening and some decorating.
Swanage Communicare offers help with practical tasks such as shopping, letter-writing, sitting-in for carers, lifts to hospital.
International Care Network in Bournemouth supports refugees and asylum seekers.


Personal links

Kunde foundation in Western China - our link is Ray Pinnegar who trains medical workers in remote areas.
Church Mission Society works with churches around the world in evangelism and practical service.
Episcopal Church of Sudan - the church is struggling after many years of civil war and needs help with training and education. We are part of the Salisbury Diocese link. Lindy Cameron our youth minister visited in 2011 and 2012 and Ian Mackenzie in 2012.
Under Tree Schools. This is a project founded by Joseph Ayok-Lowenberg, one-time curate in Swanage, now establishing a girls secondary school in south-west Sudan.


Mission and Aid agencies

Barnabas Fund campaigns for the rights of the persecuted church and supports the families of persecuted Christians.
Elam Ministries provide specific support and advocacy for the Church in Iran.
Bible Society encourages the translation, distribution and promotion of the Bible and its message in the UK and around the world.


Mission Aviation Fellowship flies people and supplies for mission and aid workers in Africa, South America and East Asia.

Word of Life is a media-based charity aiming to share the Christian faith with Muslims, especially in the UK.
 Christian Aid co-ordinates the aid and development work of the main UK denominations with the aim of eliminating poverty.
Tearfund works to mobilise and equip local churches worldwide to bring physical, social and spiritual transformation to their communities.


Other groups

Urban Saints (formerly Crusaders) offer detached youth work, action holidays and learning resources (we use them at All Saints in Warriors).
Marriage Week International campaigns to strengthen marriage throughout the world.