Midweek Teaching

Autumn/Winter 2016/17


During Autumn 2016 we will be running a programme of mid-week teaching sessions designed to equip all of us to be more effective for Jesus in transforming our community.

The teaching is focussed on the BIble - the place we have to start in finding out God's will for our lives.

The meetings will have two concurrent sessions.  Ted Pratt will lead a Bible survey which assumes some knowledge of Scripture (these sessions will be recorded - see below) and Margaret Williams will lead a more informal inter-active session which assumes a little less knowledge of scripture.


The Programme


September 7     Old Testament survey - Genesis to Esther LISTEN

                                                            Read intoductory quotes HERE

                                                       Read Old Testament dates 1 HERE

                                                      Read Old Testament survey 1 HERE

                                                               Read Parallel passages HERE


September 14   Old Testament survey - Job to Malachi   LISTEN

                                                            Read Old Testament dates 2 HERE

                                           Read Old Testament survey notes 2 HERE


September 28   New Testament survey

                                                         New Testament survey LISTEN

                                                Read New Testament notes  HERE

From November the two groups will become one and be led by Margaret to explore a whole range of key topics:

November 2     Spiritual Gifts - part 1

                                                                        Listen to the talk HERE

                                                      View the PowerPoint slides  HERE

                                                                       Watch the video  HERE

December 7    Developing personal prayer


January 11       How to pray for others: Rob and Anna Richards

                                                                       Listen to the talk HERE

February 1        How can I share my faith?

                                                                       Listen to the talk HERE

                                                     View the PowerPoint slides HERE

                                        Watch the 'how not to do it' video HERE

March 1            TBC

April 5                TBC

May 2                TBC