Baptism, Dedication and Confirmation

Church is all about belonging.  And one of the ways we can show we belong to Jesus and his church is by baptism.

Jesus said we need to come to him as a little child, so we love to include our children in this.  We welcome parents who love Jesus and want to give thanks to him for their child to have the opportunity to do so, either by baptism or a service of dedication and thanksgiving in church.

But baptism is not just for children!  All Saints is only five minutes walk from the sea.  So if you’d like to be baptised or affirm your faith in Jesus we would love to help you do that by immersion in the sea.  It’s a great witness to family, friends and also to the (sometimes surprised!) people on the beach of what Jesus has done in our lives.

We also really encourage those who love Jesus to seek the filling of his Holy Spirit in confirmation.

Do see Andrew our vicar if you would like to know more.

Ronan's Dedication


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